Tips on Buying Jewelry for Valentine’s Day from an Expert Jeweler

This February, nearly one out of five shoppers plan to treat their significant other or family member with jewelry, according to the National Retail Association’s 2016 study on consumer spending for Valentine’s Day.  If you happen to be one out of the five shoppers planning to purchase something sparkly for your special someone this year, we’re here to help you become a smarter jewelry buyer right in time for Valentine’s Day.

Gary Schick, our award winning jewelry designer advises shoppers to do their homework before hitting the stores. “Jewelry is too often an impulse purchase,” says Schick. “There is some essential information you must have if you hope to make a savvy selection.”

Schick offers these tips to help smooth the way to a successful jewelry-buying experience:

Before Hitting the Stores

Know Your Budget – Deciding on your budget ahead of time will help you rule out jewelry that is priced too far above your magic number and allows you to find the best value in your range as well as avoiding impulse purchases.

Know Your Jeweler – We might be slightly biased of course, but we can’t emphasize enough the value of having a reputable jeweler you can trust. Research jewelry sites and stores before purchasing from them, or shop from those you’ve had experience with. You can check a store’s reputation online by entering “complaints” and the name in a search engine to find any red flags.  Finding a trustworthy jeweler is perhaps the biggest key to having a good jewelry-buying experience. A professional jeweler will want you to be happy with your selection and should steer you toward the best value for your budget.  Always inquire about the store’s workmanship guarantees, repair services, and store return policies.

Know the Style – It’s a very good idea to have a clear understanding of your Valentine’s general style and taste. Keep the recipient’s style and personality in mind when choosing a gift. Pay attention to the kinds of pieces she wears and compliments other women on. Know her preferred gemstones and precious metal types. Some people are sensitive to certain types of metal, so you’ll want to know that before you select a jewelry gift. If she has a favorite brand, designer, or collection check try to find a suitable gift that fits that criteria.  If you are thinking about purchasing a ring, watch, or bracelet, it is important to know the correct size. In most cases, you will be able to get the item resized if necessary, but buying the correct size to begin with is preferable.

Ready to Shop

Consider Pieces That Can be Valentine’s Themed – While a heart shaped pendant is a classic and traditional Valentine’s Day gift, a slightly subtle Valentine’s Day-themed piece such as “Three Stone Style Jewelry,” is a perfect choice for girlfriends or wives that find heart-shaped jewelry too “cute” for their tastes.   Three Stone Jewelry is usually styled with diamonds that graduate in size and each stone represents your “past, present and promise of the future.”   The piece is much more subtle in its overall presentation and when worn during the year it is not recognizable as Valentine’s Day jewelry.

Consider Color– Rubies and garnets likely come to mind when you think of Valentine’s Day. But those aren’t the only options when it comes to “Valentine colored jewelry.”   Rose quartz and rose amethyst is a subtle, feminine, light pink option for women’s jewelry and looks stunning in bracelets, earrings, and other pieces of jewelry. An interesting twist on the color theme is to choose a piece of jewelry in rose gold instead of the traditional white or yellow gold. It takes on a slightly pinkish tint, giving the jewelry a unique look and a connection to the pink color that abounds on Valentine’s Day.

Consider a Custom Designed Piece– Custom jewelry can be very affordable. A creative jeweler will ask questions about what you want and design a piece that has special features unique to you and your loved one. Custom design is about the jewelry you like and working out the details with a jeweler to make your dreams come true. To discuss designing a custom piece of jewelry, please call us at (954) 972-1190.


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