November Birthstone: Topaz

November Birthstone: Topaz

Coming in a range of colorations, topaz is celebrated as the birthstone for November. Topaz is thought to represent self-expression and communication, and with its yellow hues seen to be “fiery.” The different colors of topaz include yellow, orange, brown, pink to red to purple red, blue, light green and colorless. A colorless topaz is of the purest of this type of gemstone. The different colors are technically considered imperfections in the stone.

Topaz can also reflect different colors depending on the light directionality, making it a very interesting stone choice for jewelry designers. The beauty of this stone for gifts is that you can represent someone’s birth month while also being able to choose a color that suits the design or their taste. Most typically you will see topaz in yellow or blue in jewelry stores, but can vary as well.

Topaz ColorationsThe most valuable color for topaz is orangey red to red while the blue gems are widely available. The cut is also typically found as oval or pears shapes to enhance the stone’s beauty. One of the great things with topaz gemstone’s is their size. They form as large crystals, and cut yield sizable cut gems. Their weight can be measured in kilos as opposed to carats in many situations.

Topaz in its yellowish tones can resemble the other November birthstone Citrine, but is a bit costlier and more prized. The blue hues in topaz are usually created as a result of treatments. These treatments are a combination of radiation and heat that produce the blue tones, and allows for this coloration to be widely found in the market.

When determining the value of topaz, clarity is taken into consideration. The best gems stones are free of visible inclusions and flaws, and are seen mainly with blue, yellow and colorless topaz.