December Birthstone: Tanzanite

December Birthstone: Tanzanite

Coming in a variety of blue and violet hues, tanzanite is a beautiful gemstone. This gem is one of the youngest to find its way into the market, and was originally taken over by Tiffany. They were the ones who gave tanzanite its name, originating from its birthplace of Tanzania.

When first being discovered, tanzanite was believed to be sapphire. The deepest blue tanzanite stones are extremely similar in their looks to that of the sapphire, but have a hint of violet setting them apart. These deep blue tanzanite stones are the most valued of all the different hues available. The richer the shade, the more valuable they are. Some of the gems require a heat treatment to bring out their deep colors, but some that were discovered in the rich hues were believed to have had a natural underground heat source to bring about their color.

Tanzanite is known for its vivid color as well as its ability to be a large cut stone. Jewelers and customers look to this gem for elegant designer custom pieces. What makes tanzanite such a beauty for larger pieces is its Pleochroic tendencies (when you tilt the stone, you can see several distinct colors in different crystal directions).

If one was looking for a more affordable tanzanite stone, they could find them in their lighter hues, under 5 carats and/or with small inclusions visible to the eye. Popular for its designation as one of December’s birthstones, tanzanite can be utilized for many different sentimental fashion designs. Cushion and oval cuts are among the most common cuts for jewelry designs, and can be found in a range of blue to violet hues.

Whether you’re looking to make a fashion statement or are looking for a December related jewelry piece, tanzanite can satisfy many different styles and needs, while looking fabulous. Ask our award-winning jewelry designer to help you create a one-of-a-kind piece that will be perfect for any occasion. Call today at (954) 972-1190.